Welcome to the Villieria Tigers
Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan Karate Dojo

The Villieria Tigers Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan Karate Dojo is the oldest dojo in the Moot. It was already a strong dojo back in the 1970’s and has survived changes of location as well as instructors over the last 50 years. The current chief instructor, Kyoshi Riaan Coetzee (7th Dan), took over the dojo in 1991, after being a student at this very dojo since 1974, when he started his karate career at the age of 13 years old.
Various styles of Karate and other self-defence techniques have been taught at Villieria Tigers since its inception. When the dojo opened its doors in 1970, we taught Funakoshi Style Karate, until 1980. For a short period between 1980 and 1983 we taught Kyokushin but decided to return to Funakoshi in 1984. In 1994 a very important decision was made to break away from all known styles of karate in South Africa and introduce something completely new to the country. Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan was introduced to South Africa on 15 January 1994, and the Villieria Tigers has been teaching this style of traditional Okinawan karate ever since. Kyoshi Riaan is currently the Vice President of Shorin-Ryu South Africa.
Besides the traditional Okinawan style of Shorin-Ryu Shorinkan Karate, Villieria Tigers also teaches traditional Okinawan Kobudo at the dojo, as well as one-on-one street combat and advanced self-defence techniques.
Through all these changes over the years, the Villieria Tigers slogan has remained the same: